Audio Quart Sound Proof/ Sound Damping



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  • 1 box – 4 pcs
  • Size : 82 cm x 47 cm
  • Thickness : 2.3 mm
  • Material : Aluminium (0.2mm) + Butyl (2.1mm)



– Conformable pad quiets noise around trunks, door panels, hoods, floor pans and more

– Self-adhesive material is easy to install without any special tools

– Multi-purpose sound deadening mat reduces road noise, sound system vibrations, and rattles

– Easy-to-cut material fits easily around a variety of stamped shapes

– Center perforation allows easy door panel installation



A.) Surface Preparation:

– Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil or grease.

– Wash the surface with soap and water to remove water soluble contaminants.


B.) Application Method:

– Cut Sound Deadening Pads to size and shape using scissors or knife.

– Remove the tan paper liner and apply using strong, even pressure.

– To increase conformability and/or initial adhesion, the pads may be preheated to approximately 95°F – 115°F.

– Do not attempt to apply sound deadening pads at temperatures below 40°F.


C.) Finishing:

– If the Sound Deadening Pad is to be painted, peel off the clear protective film from the surface in order to achieve good paint adhesion.

– If a thicker or heavier application is desired, multiple pads may be stacked, making sure to first remove the clear protective film in between pads.



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