It is suitable for the cooling systems of petrol, LPG, light and heavy duty diesel and industrial engines where Hybrid (HOAT) type anti-freeze, anti-boil and anti-corrosion properties are required. It has particular suitability for passenger cars, 4WD’s, motorcycles, light & heavy duty commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment. It is especially suited to vehicles of European origin such as Audi / VW (G11), BMW, Mercedes, Porsche (Pre-1995), Volvo, Opel & Saab, yet it can be used in all types of vehicles.

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EXN – RC100G – Radiator Coolant Blue Sky with premium grade is a blue coloured, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty, Fully Licensed/Approved new generation, 4 Year/200,000 kilometre Hybrid, ethylene glycol Type A anti-freeze/anti-boil coolant. It is available in concentrate and premix. It is a low silicate coolant concentrate and premix, which utilizes a hybrid inhibitor system of both organic and conventional inhibitors. It provides a stable and long life inhibitor formulation that prevents rust, corrosion, cavitation and degradation of the cooling system.


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