• Suitable for vehicle with mileage above 100,000 KM
• Suitable for use in a wide range of Car and Truck with continuously variable transmissions ( CVT ) with belt/pulley or chain/pulley arrangements
• Off-Highway heavy-duty CVT

Usage Frequency and Direction
Pour in 450 ml EXN -CVT TREATMENT – HIGH MILEAGE to the specified level. DO NOT overfill. One Bottle treats up to 4 Liters of CVT fluid.

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EXN – CVT – TREATMENT – HIGH MILEAGE blended with seal conditioners offering better leak protection by reconditioned seal and gaskets from hardening and cracking. Anti-friction agents provide better metal-to-metal friction properties to stop slipping, jerking, and rough shifting and shudder to improve the shift feel and provide better driving comfort. As a result, drivers experience smooth shifting response and torque transfer for maximum drivability.


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